Obstructing the ceasefire in Gaza… Reasons and facts.





Dr. Hassan Merhej, expert on Syrian and Middle Eastern affairs.



As the war continues in Gaza, talk continues until the moment about reaching a ceasefire agreement, and despite previous expectations regarding the adoption of a ceasefire before the holy month of Ramadan, the facts indicate clear obstruction of stopping the war in Gaza, especially by the United States first. , which seeks to restore its lost hegemony in the region, and Gulf Arab complicity, in addition to the failure of the attempts of the international community and the United Nations to approve a long-term political settlement for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and among that, and with the war in Gaza reaching this extent of complexity and complexity, it seems that approving a ceasefire Fire will encounter many obstacles.

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, regardless of the narratives of Hamas and the corresponding Israeli narratives, the United States has been seeking, through its policies, to prolong the war in Gaza, and this reflects the American desire to exploit that war politically and militarily, by re-imposing its control over reality. Regionally, and controlling the course and size of Israeli military operations, so as not to constitute an additional burden on the American weapons arsenal, but within that, the course of military operations in Gaza has developed and the matter has reached the point of threatening American strategies throughout the region.

The United States, despite the multiple rounds of negotiations, whether of a regional or international nature, Washington failed to achieve the equation of a ceasefire or establish a temporary truce, and although Washington directed sharp criticism at Netanyahu, on the other hand, Washington, and on the principle of throwing dust in the eyes, has I tried to blame the failure of the negotiations on the Palestinians, and this also reflects the essence of American policies in terms of saying that the Palestinian factions do not care about the tragedies of the Palestinian people, and set impossible conditions, and this is also what many Western and even Arab media outlets are trying to market to public opinion.

The important thing that should not be overlooked is that the course of negotiations must end within new equations that prepare for a sustainable solution. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict should not, under any circumstances, continue in this way that threatens the entire region. The Palestinian people should be left with the right to self-determination, and the most important thing is to prevent a recurrence. The war in Gaza. In this context, it is not permissible to hold the Palestinian factions responsible for the failure of the negotiations aimed at a ceasefire. Rather, there are joint regional and international responsibilities regarding that, and in connection with the above, the Palestinians must stay away from the state of political disagreement and put the interests of the Palestinian people as a goal that must be achieved. .

It is important to point out that Moscow’s meeting with the Palestinian factions, through which Israel was able to exploit the state of Palestinian division in various ways, and this investment was an essential tool in obstructing the solution of the Palestinian issue, and perhaps the most prominent example of this was the attempts to limit the representation of the Palestinian people to political structures such as those Resulting from the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian discord and the absence of representation of basic political forces within the Palestine Liberation Organization was a factor that should not be neglected when talking about Israeli and American attempts to obstruct a solution to the issue. The PLO has until this moment enjoyed the status of the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in the eyes of the international community and the United Nations, and has not The major changes that the Palestinian political scene has witnessed are properly reflected within this organization, and it has become possible today for the United States to stop any efforts at a solution under the pretext of the absence of a single Palestinian position.

The meeting in Moscow gives hope that the issue of the Palestinian-Palestinian dispute can be overcome, but the biggest problem for Israel and the United States remains that the Russian attempts had begun years ago, but the circumstance we are living in today has begun to help mature the solution to this issue, and on the other hand, it seems that calm has been achieved. It has become more urgent, as it is not difficult to conclude that American behavior during the past months was a contributing factor to bringing the views of the factions closer together, which means that the continuation of the current situation for a longer period could increase the speed of this process.

The reality of the situation confirms that Russia is initially seeking to make Palestinian reconciliation a success, and then move to a sustainable political settlement that guarantees the rights of the Palestinian people. Russia’s attempts in this context may be a lifeline for the United States and Israel alike, as Washington is no longer able to play the role of a neutral mediator in the conflict. This conflict, and it is also no longer able to convince world public opinion that it truly wants to stop the war, or help the Palestinian people overcome their tragedies, and thus Russia is firmly back at the forefront of the most prominent event in the Middle East. Will Russia succeed in seizing the lead from the United States? .


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