Mutual Fear between Islam and the West







Dr. Tijani Boulaouali


After more than two decades of intellectual and media interest in the duality of Islam and the West on various occasions and meetings and through different writings and publications, today I had the opportunity to formulate a set of ideas on an important issue, which is the phenomenon of Islamophobia. About this topic, a number of studies, research, articles and papers have been written in record time, but our main purpose is not to describe this issue and to make a general inventory of its manifestations and events. The books, articles and reports that the predecessors have written are sufficient.
So, we strive to weave a somewhat different approach aimed at dismantling the phenomenon of Islamophobia and excavating its psychological and realistic roots, then questioning that fear is one-sided from Islam only, as it is promoted in some political and media literature, rather it is mutual among all components of our pluralistic society. We do not limit ourselves to this aspect only, but we also delve into the possible alternatives or the most effective ways to dispel this myth of fear.

The main objective, then, of writing this book is to approach the phenomenon of Islamophobia by deconstructing a number of intersecting concepts and reformulating them as required by the new socio-cultural and epistemological context.

This book is titled: Mutual Fear between Islam and the West, followed by a subtitle that reveals the nature of the adopted approach, which is a conceptual and deconstructive approach to the phenomenon of Islamophobia. The book contains three major sections, divided into sixteen chapters, in addition to an introduction and a conclusion.
The first section is titled: fear of Islam: reality or illusion? It consists of five chapters focused on themes: symbolic and linguistic paradox, Islamophobia: dialectic of interpretation and context, the spread of Islam and the globalization of fear, fear of the spread of Islam, and why convert to Islam?

The second section is titled: the fear industry.. of Islam, includes six chapters, which are respectively: the politics of fear and religious intolerance, the media and the industry of Islamophobia, subjugating the other: the phenomenon of clandestine immigration as a model, delusional fear: the phenomenon of terrorism as a model, the extreme right and the industry of Islamophobia, political Islam and the suspicions of the West.

Finally, the third section is titled: dispelling fear of Islam, and it consists of five chapters, discussing the issues: dispelling fear from a philosophical perspective, delusional fear and racial tide: mechanisms for dispelling, Islamophobia and the economic crisis, covering Islam: from the problematic phase to the contributing phase, and finally: consolidating citizenship – dispelling fear.


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