American bases in Iraq and Syria and the new equations.






Written by Dr. Hassan Merhej
expert on Syrian and Middle Eastern affairs.




The United States has spared no effort in its attempt to change the geographical reality in Syria and Iraq. It is certain that the American bases deployed in Syria have repeatedly tried to reproduce terrorism in various forms, but the essence of the American approaches in this context depends on two points. The first is to maintain the state of instability in the Syrian geography. In order to influence the political and military facts achieved by the Syrian state during the years of war, and to work in the context of preventing Damascus from strengthening its presence throughout the Syrian geography, and the second point is organically linked to the first, as the United States is trying to prevent the meeting of resistance forces in Iraq and Syria, while keeping the Syrian-Iraqi borders as a playground. ISIS terrorists in order to achieve the American goal of employing terrorism and keeping the border region within a framework of instability, thus profoundly affecting the general scene in Syria and Iraq.

With the beginning of the war in Syria, the United States intervened with all its direct and indirect political and military weight, and given the presence of American forces in Iraq at the border region, this matter made the United States intervene and occupy a strategic section of the Syrian geography, and therefore the American intentions in this context were It is clear, especially since Washington employed terrorism in its policies in Syria, and worked to change the political scene in Syria based on terrorism, but the solidarity of the Axis powers with Syria, their intervention at a strategic time, the Russian entry into the confrontation line, and most importantly the steadfastness of Damascus politically and militarily, all This thwarted the American plan, so that terrorism sponsored by American bases in Syria and Iraq remains a symbol of American attempts to destabilize the Syrian reality and influence it economically.

The truth of the matter is that the pretext of the American presence to fight ISIS is a big lie, as there are dozens of documented films showing that when the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Iraqi army, and the Syrian resistance factions were besieging ISIS terrorist gangs, America was sending planes to these gangs, supplying them with weapons, medicine, and food, as well as transporting their leaders. ISIS between Syrian and Iraqi territories in order to change their position in preparation for carrying out terrorist operations.

The most important issue is not the issue of reviving ISIS through the continuation of American bases in Syria and Iraq, but rather there is American fear as a result of the Axis leaders’ request from Russian President Vladimir Putin to work to remove American forces from the east of the Euphrates, and therefore America takes this into account, and so it has linked Al-Tanf base with the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian triangle.

The recent American moves in the region are deliberate and aim to return the countries of the region to the abyss of crises. It is also a pre-emptive operation that America is pursuing against the resistance in Iraq and Syria, and then targeting the heart of the resistance in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria.

The American bases in Syria and Iraq have a strategic goal, and through them, Washington is trying to create a cordon around oil and gas wells, in addition to trying to prevent the meeting of resistance forces, and to undermine Russian influence in Syria. As is clear, the United States is following an approach that aims to support its presence in Syria and intensify it in the region. The northeast, where Al-Hasakah Governorate is the center of the most prominent American military deployment in Syria.

It is worth noting that the American base in Al-Rumaylan in Al-Hasakah is considered the most important American military base in Syria, followed by the Al-Malikiyah base in the northeastern countryside of Al-Hasakah, in addition to the Tal Baydar base, which is one of the most important American bases due to its proximity to the strategic M4 road. It also integrates With the “Livestone and Force” rules.

With the beginning of the war in Gaza, the resistance factions in Iraq and Syria wove a strategic goal entitled defeating the Americans in Syria and Iraq. It is clear that the type, timing, and depth of the targeting is to destabilize the American presence throughout the region, and most importantly, the targeting messages are not limited to the American presence in Syria and Iraq. Not only that, but there is something deeper and more precise, and hence the entry of the Houthis on the front line in the Red Sea, and targeting both American and Israeli ships, embodies the depth of the repeated targeting of American bases in Syria and Iraq.

In connection with the above, targeting the American bases in Syria and Iraq has an importance related to breaking this American cordon, starting to target it by the resistance forces in Syria, and focusing strikes on the most important military bases, most notably the Al-Omar field, as well as the Koniko gas base, which the forces are taking. The American military base in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, where the American bases were targeted by four successive attacks, which indicates the importance of the shift in the confrontation with the American forces, to send messages to the Joe Biden administration in order to establish rules of engagement that prevent the targeting of resistance forces in Syria, and to pressure the American forces from Yes, to withdraw from there.


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