About the speech of Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna”(Archbishop of Sevastia) Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem “As for what is happening in alquds it is a very dangerous matter.”







 Roba Youssef Shaheen/ Syria



The Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip continues, with horrific massacres and crimes that shocked the world, but they are still continuing. The hand of oppression and criminality is increasing its brutality and has no deterrent.
 ◾Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” said in his message from the city of Jerusalem:
 Dear brothers and sisters all, I greet you again this morning, from the city of Jerusalem, which since the beginning of the aggression against Gaza has been subjected to frantic occupation campaigns, closures, persecution of individuals, and attempts to restrict the Palestinians.
 I believe that we must deal wisely and responsibly with the current situation in Jerusalem, because the occupation may exploit the war to advance its projects, agendas and policies.
 Incursions, provocations, closures, persecution of Jerusalemite figures, and even young people who are arrested at checkpoints and in the streets and are subjected to abuse.
 ◾ Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” added
 I believe that the occupation authorities are planning something in Jerusalem, taking advantage of the current situation and taking advantage of the painful events, the barbaric war, and the brutal aggression to which our people in Gaza are subjected.
 Our people in Gaza are being bombed and killed within the framework of a systematic policy of destruction and ethnic cleansing.
 As for what is happening in Jerusalem, it is a very dangerous matter.
 The occupation authorities may take advantage of the current situation, to pass what they were not able to pass before, and to undermine the identity of Jerusalem, its sanctities and endowments, and also to undermine the determination and will of its people, through the policy of persecution and abuse, to which Jerusalemites are subjected.
 Of course, this happened a long time ago, but this policy has increased in recent days, since the aggression against Gaza began.
 His Eminence Bishop Atallah Hanna continued:
 Jerusalem is in great danger, and all Palestinians are targeted. In the West Bank, there are attempts to isolate cities from each other. There are attempts to close roads and restrict the movement of Palestinians from place to place, not to mention the raids, arrests and assassinations aimed at undermining the resolve of the Palestinian people.  West Bank.

As for areas of 48, there is no problem. There are persecutions and arrests of our youth, of intellectuals, media professionals, and activists on social media. Simply put a comment, or write something simple about Gaza, for them this is an accusation. This person is arrested, imprisoned, expelled from his job, and subjected to abuse.
 His threat means as if they want to frighten our people in the 1948 areas from expressing, in the way they deem appropriate, their demand to stop this aggression, to which our people in Gaza are being subjected.

 Palestinians inside Palestine are living difficult times, exposed to great pressures, and exposed to racist policies.
 His Excellency Bishop Atallah Hanna stated:
 In Jerusalem, there are settlers whose mission is to provoke the Palestinians, insult them, and assault them. I mean, very briefly, I say:
 The racism practiced by the settlers towards our people has worsened in recent days. The attacks have increased and the incitement has increased. We are now hearing the slogan “Death to the Arabs” everywhere, even on social media sites. Extremists are raising this slogan: Death to the Arabs.
 As for the Palestinian inside, if he expresses his position demanding that the aggression stop, or expresses sympathy, or even if he says, “May God have mercy on our martyrs,” etc., he may be subjected to persecution and torture.

I believe that the Palestinians today are subjected to serious human rights violations.
 ◾His Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” explained
 The real people in the world, who are in solidarity with our people, and who are aware of the picture and know the true picture of what is happening to us, are in a state of shock, at the attacks and provocations that are taking place, which have reached the point where the Palestinian is prevented from going to his field, to pick the olives, these…  This period is the period of picking olives. Palestinians are prevented and assaulted when they go to pick olives. We have a martyr two days ago who was elevated due to the settlers’ assault on him, while he was picking olives in his field, in the West Bank

 As for Gaza, my beloved ones, it is being subjected to the crime of our time. The aggression is still continuing, the bombing is still continuing. Martyrs are rising every hour, the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of everything. It is as if the goal of this war, and of this aggression, is to burn the green and the dry, and the policy of cleansing.  Racial crimes, horrific crimes against humanity.

 And I would really like to say this morning:
 Of course, we appreciate and value all the voices made by our Arab brothers, the free members of our Arab nation, and there are many of them, as well as the friends of Palestine in the world. We appreciate every honorable position in these difficult times that our Palestinian people are going through.

◾His Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” confirmed:
 Of course, our conflict is not a religious conflict. The conspirators against Palestine are, of course, primarily “Zionism.”
 The conspirators against Palestine are from all religions, and those who stand with Palestine are also from all religions, and therefore it is not permissible to give this conflict a religious character. It is a conflict between right and wrong, it is a conflict between a defenseless people who want to live in freedom and dignity, and a brutal occupation, and  Racist colonialism is unfortunately supported by the West and others as well, and our problem is that this racist occupation enjoys this support and this political cover from some political leaders in the West.
 But this reality is real, it is not a destiny that cannot be changed. Everything can be changed in this world.
 But this requires effort. It requires us to intensify our communication with the peoples of the world. The true picture must reach the peoples of the world.
 Today the picture in the world is different from what it was two weeks or more ago. Today, awareness, awareness, and knowledge of the seriousness of what is happening in Gaza has increased.
 Today, many people in our world are saying that what is happening is aggression, ethnic cleansing, and the systematic destruction and targeting of civilians.
 ◾ His Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” explained
 Therefore, I would also like, through this message, as well as the other messages that you send to all parts of the world, to appeal and demand of the religious authorities in the world, the legal authorities, and all free people, the need to intensify their activity and movement, in order for it to stop.  This war.
 Our language must be everyone, and I will not exclude anyone at all. Our language in these days must be:
 Let this war stop, let this barbaric aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip stop.

 Our martyrs are not numbers, and with every hour, the number of martyrs increases.

 The afflicted Gaza cannot be described in words: destruction everywhere, body parts everywhere, sorrow, pain, and crying for loved ones and relatives, who, unfortunately, were killed with such barbarism and unprecedented brutality.
 My loved ones everywhere, support our people and stand by our people in Gaza. Your bias toward this issue is a bias toward truth and justice. Your bias toward this issue is a defense of a defenseless people, an oppressed people. They want them to be in a state of surrender, but they will not  He is.
 The Palestinians, despite all their pain, sorrow, blood, and martyrs, will remain tall, their will firm, as they demand and struggle for their freedom, in order to live in security and peace, like the rest of the peoples of the world.
 The blood of the martyrs, the blood of our people in Gaza, which is being shed with such barbarism, is crying out to the living consciences of the world, take action, move in support of this people.
 This aggression must stop. This destruction and devastation cannot continue. This barbarism and this aggression cannot continue. Stop this war, stop this aggression, spare us blood and stop the destruction.


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