Speech of His Excellency Bishop Atallah Hanna Addressing a fervent appeal on behalf of the Christians of Palestine, on behalf of our churches, and on behalf of all our people






Ruba Youssef Shaheen/Syria




Dear all, I address you on this Sunday morning, from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where the Grotto of the Nativity is, raising prayers and supplications in this holy place for our Palestinian people, and for our people in proud Gaza, who are being barbarically targeted, and whose homes are being destroyed. Churches and mosques are being targeted. Everything in Gaza is targeted and permissible by this occupation, which seeks to destroy all of Gaza, within the framework of a policy of ethnic cleansing, and within the framework of a systematic policy whose goal is to destroy our people and to conspire against this people’s just cause.
Inspired by the holy place in which I am now, in front of the holy cave, from which light has emerged to dispel the darkness of this world.
I turned to the West, I turned to the political leaders in the West, where are you in this tragedy and this humanitarian catastrophe to which our Palestinian people are exposed?

Why do you talk about Ukraine and other places, but you ignore Palestine and Gaza, as if the lives of the Palestinians have no value to you?
No, you are involved in this conspiracy aimed at killing a large number of our people and destroying Gaza and turning it into rubble scattered here and there. You are complicit in the crime of our time. You are complicit in this liquidation, this destruction, and this ethnic cleansing to which our Palestinian people are subjected.
Of course, we are talking about the political leaders in the West, mostly in America, Europe, and elsewhere. As for the people, they are moving, with demonstrations and marches everywhere. There is an increase in awareness about what is happening today in proud Gaza, in terms of genocide against a defenseless people.

But I am from this holy place, the cradle of Christianity. Palestine, for those who do not know, is the cradle of Christianity. From here, Christianity spread to the east and west of the earth. Christianity in our country is authentic and not a commodity imported from the West, just as we import techniques and technologies today, etc.
Two thousand years ago, the King of Peace was born here and preached peace, love, and mercy among people
Inspired by this holy place, he turned to the Christian churches in the West, and to all the Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical churches. He turned to all of these churches, sending a fervent appeal in the name of the Christians of Palestine, in the name of our churches, and in the name of all our people. Take action, raise your voice loudly, and demand an end to this horrific massacre that our people are being subjected to.

Here are positions issued by churches in our world that express solidarity with Palestine, especially with Gaza, but we hope that the voice will be clearer and the position more bold. Christianity teaches us to call for truth and justice, even if that disturbs the giants of the world. Do not be afraid to speak the word of truth and do not accept any pressure put on you to Do not say the word of truth, and the word of truth that must be said in these difficult days is that we are all with Gaza and we all demand an end to this aggression, in order to stop the bloodshed and to stop the destruction. That you stand in solidarity with Palestine and with Gaza. This is solidarity with Christianity in its infancy, solidarity with the most noble and just cause known in modern human history. Bias for truth and justice and for human and moral values. Hold on to these values ​​and do not be afraid of anyone and speak the word of truth that must be spoken in this time when there are many conspirators and detractors who are afraid to speak the word of truth.

From the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem, I appeal to you, I hope of you, to release your calls, your words, and your positions, which are based on the values ​​of our faith, and our spiritual and humanitarian principles, which are that we are with the oppressed, that we are with the tortured, that we are with the persecuted, and our people today in Gaza are being persecuted. In his land, in his country, and when you defend this people, and demand that this aggression stop, you are embodying the Christian and humanitarian values ​​that you call for.
Christians in Palestine and in this entire Arab East are defenders of this cause because it is our cause, the cause of Palestine, it is our cause as Christians, just as it is the cause of Muslims, and it is the cause of all free people in this world.
The blood that is drowning in Gaza is pure blood, it is the blood of innocent people, of civilians who are killed in cold blood.
Today, Gaza has become as if it were a testing field for all the weapons and missiles brought from the West, to rain down on our people in proud Gaza, leaving destruction, devastation, blood, body parts, and sorrow.

I once again call on the free people of the world to take action and intensify your activity so that this aggression stops quickly. With every passing hour, there are more martyrs, children killed, massive destruction, and a horrific tragedy.
We hope that there will be a broad and influential movement on the political leaders in the West, to change their approach, and to work and work together, in order to stop this suffering and this tragedy in the proud Gaza.

With you, with all free people, and with all believers, we raise our prayers this morning, for our people in Gaza, so that the Lord God may be a balm, comfort and strength for them in these difficult times that they are going through.
I extend my greetings, love, loyalty and appreciation to you, to everyone who speaks the word of truth in this time, to everyone who defends Palestine and its people in this time. Thank you. Palestine salutes you and appreciates every bold stance, and every stance defending Gaza in these difficult times.
Thank you all .


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