Huawei Cloud Unleashes the Power of AI at GITEX GLOBAL 2023






• At the event, Huawei Cloud will demonstrate how it supports accelerating intelligence and reshaping AI for Industries.
• Huawei Cloud introduces Pangu Model 3.0, the first-of-its-kind commercial Arabic model that is trained with hundreds of billions of parameters, surpassing peer models in understanding and generation capabilities.




Dubai – Ahmed Alguthmi




Huawei Cloud is set to make a significant impact at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 with a focus on ‘Everything as a Service, Reshaping AI for Industries’. Huawei Cloud presents ‘Pangu Model Reshaping AI for Industries’, highlighting its commitment to building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world with systematic innovation.

With AI adoption expected to grow significantly across major industries, this strategic move aligns PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study, which predicts that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

During GITEX GLOBAL 2023, Huawei Cloud unveiled its Pangu Model 3.0, which comprises of the first-of-its-kind commercial Arabic model trained with hundreds of billions of parameters, surpassing peer models in understanding and generation capabilities.

Frank Dai, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, said, “With our “Pangu model Reshaping AI for industries” solution, Huawei Cloud is showcasing our Pangu model 3.0 and Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3.0 at GITEX GLOBAL. The event offers us a unique opportunity to not only showcase our cutting-edge AI solutions but also to engage with industry leaders, innovators, and partners. It’s a dynamic environment where we can share our vision, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into the evolving needs of businesses and industries.”

Foundation models and related applications are the most complex hardware and software system engineering, which requires systematic innovation. Roy Luo, Vice President of Consulting and Solution of Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, said: “Huawei Cloud is committed to reshaping AI for Industries and bringing the most advanced cloud and AI technologies to the Middle East and Central Asia. Huawei Cloud focuses on systematic innovation. At the system architecture layer, the distributed QingTian architecture breaks the boundaries of computing, storage, and network, the traditional primary/secondary architecture is upgraded to the peer-to-peer architecture, greatly improving AI computing power. At the data processing layer, Huawei Cloud provides one-stop technologies for the entire cloud process, including data storage, analysis, sharing, and labeling, enabling enterprises to find, store, remember, and use foundation model data. We are committed to empowering enterprises from different industries in the region to build their own large models”.

Ushering into the AI era, AI is transforming how we live, work, and interact. Dr. Zhu Shenggao, Vice President of AI Business at Huawei Cloud Middle East & Central Asia, stated: “AI has become an integral part of our society, permeating every aspect of our lives. Its adoption in industries is undergoing a rapid transformation. This remarkable shift is being driven by the emergence of large AI models meticulously trained on massive datasets. It is not just a technological advancement, but a fundamental shift that will shape the future of industries, and Huawei Cloud is at the forefront of enabling this transformation.

Huawei Cloud Pangu models are designed to focus on the practical needs of specific industry scenarios. The newly-launched Pangu Models 3.0 use a 5+N+X three-layer decoupled, hierarchical architecture, consists of 5 – L0 foundation models, N – L1 industry-tailored models, and X – L2 AI applications, offering a powerful foundation for a vast range of models and applications. The L0 layer of foundation models consists of NLP, CV, multimodal, prediction, and scientific computing, which provide general skills to power an endless possibility of industry-specific applications.

Huawei Cloud has more than 1,000 AI projects and we have always adhered to the “AI for Industries” strategy. Pangu models have been pre-trained with open datasets from more than 10 industries, including Finance, Government, Meteorology, Healthcare, Education, Automotive, and Utilities. The data volume of each industry exceeds 50 billion tokens. On October 18, Dr. Zhu will be participating in the AI Everything keynote, where he will be exploring how “Pangu Large Models Accelerate AI for Industries”.

At GITEX GLOBAL, Huawei Cloud will also demonstrate its Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3.0, a hybrid cloud platform that supports data-AI convergence and facilitates AI cloud services deployment in on-premises data centers. Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3.0 provides more than 100 cloud services, enhancing the core capabilities of the Pangu Large Model to enable customers dive deep into cloud. It is the most complete AI production chain in the industry, lowering the threshold for large model development.

Customers can deploy Pangu Model 3.0 both on the public cloud and on-premises, offering flexibility and autonomy in model creation. Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3.0 enhances these capabilities, providing a comprehensive AI pipeline for enterprises to build large models efficiently.

Additionally, Huawei Cloud’s GaussDB distributed database product excels with core capabilities in serverless, region-less, and mode-less functions, providing data service with unrivaled availability, performance, scalability, security, and intelligence.

In digital content production, Huawei Cloud MetaStudio empowers model production, asset management, content editing, physical simulation, and cloud rendering, allowing for virtual-physical integration at users’ fingertips.

On October 19, the Huawei Cloud Partner Forum will facilitate knowledge sharing and industrial solutions based on Huawei Cloud and ecosystem policies.


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