“Political Steps”.. The Arab Summit and the Syrian File “Facts and Challenges”





Amjad Ismail Al-Agha/ writer and political researcher.



Between folding the papers of the Syrian file and engineering its facts, there is a hidden conflict. The Syrian file, with all its titles, was one of the most complex and intertwined files, as a result of regional and international interventions, which reinforced the depth of the crisis in Syria, and proxy wars that exhausted the homeland and the people, so that the Arab consensus came to return Syria to its seat in the Arab League, from the angle of searching for a political solution, or trying to engineer it. Facts that may have caused the end of twelve years of conflict, for which the Syrian people paid the price at all levels, but in exchange for the suffering of the Syrians, and their eagerness to reach a political solution, there is a fundamental question related to Damascus’ plan in the next stage, especially after its return to its Arab surroundings. .

The majority of Arab countries sensed the danger of the continuation of the Syrian crisis, which allowed, within shy political frameworks, to move towards Damascus, and try to open Arab and Gulf paths to end its isolation, and as a reminder, the UAE was proactive in this regard, and it took important political steps since 2018, when it reopened its embassy In Damascus, and according to the Emirati step at the time, it became clear that there are Gulf Arab intentions to put an end to the Syrian crisis. As a result, the natural disaster that befell the Syrian geography last February was nothing but a humanitarian gateway through which most Arab countries flowed, and worked to activate more political steps. importance to the Syrian state.

With the reactivation of political steps towards Damascus, it was expected that the US administration would oppose these steps, with the participation of European countries in that, as it seemed clear, according to the Arab and Gulf perspective, that the American and Western freezing of the Syrian file does not take into account the interests of Syria and the Syrians, but rather most of the moves towards Syria, It begins in accordance with the requirements of American and Western interests in Syria and the whole region, but the majority of regional powers in the region are now facing a new reality and responsibilities, which cannot in any way be ignored or overlooked, as the continuation of the crisis in Syria has produced painful humanitarian and economic realities. In addition to a destroyed country, and poverty and destitution affect the majority of Syrians.

The reality of the situation confirms that the Syrians, until this moment, are not in the heart of one man, as some still hold the state responsible for all developments in Syria, and at the same time, they are still unable to what could be called “opening a new page, according to which all wounds will heal, and these are the ones who Those who are most angry at the Arab decision to return Syria to the Arab League and its participation in the Arab summit in Jeddah, and they themselves raise the slogan of holding the Syrian state accountable, as well as boycotting it, and in contrast to these, there are Syrians at home and abroad, who are calling for an end to the war, and finding a number of political and economic solutions. And starting a new phase, entitled reconstruction, and embarking on a political path paralleled by an economic path. Between this and that, there is a fact confirming that the continuation of the war, with its pressures on the Syrians, will keep everyone within a closed circle, from which it has become necessary to get out.

Within the aforementioned, there is a question related to what will happen after Syria returns to occupying its seat in the Arab League, and this is not based on the victory of the Syrian state or not, but rather what will be the form and content of this return, and what are the reassurances of Damascus to the Syrians? Are there solutions for the Syrian state? End the suffering of the Syrians? In

this context, the majority of Syrians are waiting for what President al-Assad will say in his speech to Arab leaders at the Arab Summit. In the same context, the Syrian reality, with its current titles, is governed by internal and external challenges. As for the Ministry of Interior, it relates to the living conditions of Syrians, holding the corrupt accountable, and the return of refugees under new conditions and a new reality. As for the external challenges, their difficulty cannot be denied, and negotiating them will require a long effort, especially the American laws, the most recent of which was the American decision to prevent normalization with the Syrian state, and to prevent its floating regionally and internationally, but despite that, the internal challenges remain, which are the most importance and priority.

In truth and reality, the most important card in the Syrian file is represented by the return of Syria to its Arab surroundings, and in parallel, the Arabs entering the line of resolving the details of the Syrian crisis, and being part of the solution, after regional and international forces tossed the papers of the Syrian file and scattered its papers, especially since these The powers may not be satisfied with the idea of ending the war, and the Arabs containing Syria, so that the expected new reality will be part of a fundamental question, when will the Syrians enjoy political and economic stability?


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