Russia and Israel … What about the repeated attacks on Syria?







Written by .. Ruba Youssef Chahine



With regard to the different interests that bring together the interconnected countries according to political foundations, the scene in Syria appears blurry in terms of the repeated attacks by Israel against Syria, especially in light of the Russian military presence on the territory of the Syrian state It is a question that the Syrian people ask the Russian leadership, why is there not an end to these attacks?

What unites the Syrian and Russian states is a strategic alliance of a special kind, because Syria is the only outlet for Russia on warm waters, and with a simple approach, the following question brings us: Why did not the Russian Federation take occupied Palestine as a base in the region? And is the Russian-Israeli relationship really strategic in all its joints? Or are there interests that excel in the Russian-Syrian relationship than their Russian-Israeli counterpart?

What is the Syrian-Russian relationship can be summarized as follows:

First – Syria is the most important vital site in the Arab region on the Mediterranean Sea.

Second – Syria was one of the first countries to build a strong relationship with the Soviet Union before its dismantling by NATO since 1989, and the relationship between Moscow and Damascus strengthened considerably during the October 1973 war.

Third – Syria’s international and pivotal value, which is central to the Middle East, and its strong political reputation.

Fourth – the solid political, economic and military partnership with the Russian Federation, especially in the period of the terrorist war on Syria.

Although the Russian-Israeli relationship is good, what has been proven by the years of the terrorist war is that Russia and Syria form a strategic alliance of another kind, based on honesty in political and military engagement. There are many attitudes that confirm the truth of this relationship, the most important of which is the sacrifices Russia makes through its martyrs on the ground. Syrian.

From this principle and against the backdrop of the complexity of the political scene in the region, especially in Syria, and the fact that Syria is the biggest obstacle for Israel to controlling the region under the name of “Greater Israel” and prevents it from achieving its goals through Syria’s partnership with the most foe of the Israeli entity, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran, Which is considered the largest logistical and military supporter of the resistance factions in occupied Palestine, and the primary financier of the Lebanese Hezbollah, for this axis, which Russia knows well the importance of its presence in the region to prevent the spread of the Zionist epidemic, “is trying according to its own interests to overlook these attacks to prevent the region from being dragged into a war that does not stop Only with Syria, but it includes the axis from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and the Syrian Foreign Ministry has warned Israel of the dangerous repercussions of its ongoing attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic under flimsy pretexts and its continuous support for armed terrorist organizations and its continued occupation of Arab lands, including the occupied Syrian Golan, and it bears full responsibility for it .

The above takes us directly to the warning of Alexander Lavrentiev, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to the settlement negotiations in Syria, during his participation in the last round of the Astana meeting, as he warned that “the patience of the Syrian government with regard to the increasing Israeli raids on its lands may be depleted sooner or later, which will lead to dire repercussions. No one wants it, ”he said,“ These unconstructive raids must end, and we hope that the Israeli side will heed our concerns in this regard. ”

Has the message been received?

In conclusion, the Russian and Syrian statements indicate that the series of Israeli attacks on Syria must stop, and if they do not stop, the Syrian response will not be limited to shooting down Israeli aircraft, but will target the occupied depth, in parallel with the launching of missiles along the resistance front. Israel will then be able to bear the results and repercussions? And if Israel is betting on Russian support in this regard, it is delusional, especially that Russia has not and will not compromise its strategic relationship with Syria, while Washington will certainly provide all forms of support to the entity, but at this time it has other accounts related to With Iran and its nuclear program, as well as calculations related to the American interior, all of this takes us to a new equation that is entrenched day by day, Syria and its allies in the axis of the victors, and Israel is looking for illusions with which to repair its defeats.


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