*Title: Moroccan Cultural Society Hosts Group Iftar in Estonia: A Celebration of Ramadan and Cultural Exchange*






In a remarkable display of cultural harmony and communal solidarity, the Moroccan Cultural Society in Estonia recently hosted a Group Iftar to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Esteemed guests, including Mayor Mihhail Kolvart of Tallinn and his spouse Anastassia Kovalenko-Kolvart, member of the Estonian Parliament and the Estonia-Morocco Parliamentary Group, graced the occasion with their presence.

The event, held with meticulous planning and thoughtful collaboration, was made possible through the concerted efforts of various entities. Moroccan Community living in Estonia, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the gathering, while the steadfast support of the Lyra organization further enriched the experience for all attendees.

Mr. Badr Eddine Lamdaghri Alaoui, President of the Moroccan Cultural Society, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to host such a meaningful event. “It was a great occasion to share with our Estonian guests the way Moroccans celebrate Ramadan,” Mr. Alaoui remarked. “Our community took this opportunity to elucidate the values of Ramadan and the importance of fasting for Muslims. Ramadan is not merely a month of abstaining from food and drink; it is a time of spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and heightened devotion.”

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a feast for the senses, both culinary and cultural. Traditional Moroccan dishes adorned the tables, inviting guests to partake in the communal breaking of the fast. As the aroma of spices filled the air and the sounds of lively conversation echoed through the venue, barriers dissolved, and bonds were forged anew.

In addition to indulging in delectable cuisine, guests engaged in meaningful dialogue and mutual learning. Mayor Mihhail Kolvart praised the warm hospitality extended by the Moroccan Cultural Society, Mr. Abdelkarim Barake, President of Dar Al-Iftaa – Estonian Islamic Center stating, “Tonight’s gathering exemplifies the spirit of unity and inclusivity that defines our city. By coming together to celebrate Ramadan, we reaffirm our commitment to embracing diversity and promoting cultural harmony.”

Furthermore, Mr. Oussama Drissi El Bouzaidi, General Secretary of the Moroccan Cultural Society of Estonia, highlighted the pivotal role the organization plays in promoting Moroccan heritage and advocating for the territorial autonomy of the Kingdom of Morocco. He emphasized the Society’s dedication to fostering cultural exchange and preserving the rich tapestry of Moroccan traditions within the Estonian community.

In his poignant words, Mr. El Bouzaidi encapsulated the dual mission of the Moroccan Cultural Society of Estonia: to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of Morocco while steadfastly advocating for the nation’s territorial sovereignty and autonomy. Through their tireless endeavors, the Society continues to serve as a bridge between cultures, uniting communities and promoting understanding and cooperation on both local and global scales.


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