Morocco ranks 4th globally in Global Knowledge Index 2022 among 25 Medium Human Development countries





 The Kingdom of Morocco secured fourth position among the 25 countries with medium human development and 85th out of 132 countries in the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) 2022, which has been published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF).

Morocco achieved impressive outcomes in GKI 2022, particularly in Pre-University Education and Enabling Environment. The country ranked fourth globally in government expenditure on secondary education as percentage of GDP and government funding per secondary student as percentage of GDP per capita. Furthermore, in terms of the pupil-trained teacher ratio in pre-primary education, Morocco stood at the 34th position. The country secured the 25th position globally in the net enrolment rate in primary education.
Morocco secured 1st globally in the share of students enrolled in post-secondary vocational programmes in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector, which combines preparation and qualification of human resources at a professional level and is regarded the most sensitive sector directly associated with the labour market. Morocco ranked 5th globally in the percentage of researchers in higher education, which is a key factor in fostering knowledge and innovation by educating and preparing human capital, equipping them with the skills required to meet the demands of industries that spearhead the global knowledge economy.

The GKI emphasised Morocco’s exceptional efforts and performance to create a knowledge society through research and development, as well as implement an innovative organisational framework that contributes to increasing knowledge stock. The country demonstrated impressive performance in Research Development and Innovation, which are closely related to the production, sharing, and application of knowledge in the development journey. Morocco ranked 8th globally for industrial design applications per 100 billion GDP and 19th in the sub-pillar: inputs of R&D institutions.
Morocco also ranked 1st globally for the internet and telephony competition which demonstrated exemplary performance in fulfilling the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution as the digital economy grows steadily till it became part of the global economy. In addition, Morocco secured the 17th position globally in the percentage of tertiary graduates from ICT programmes.

Regarding the economy sector, Morocco ranked 28th globally in the gross fixed capital formation as percentage of GDP, and 13th globally for the extent of corporate transparency. Furthermore, the country ranked 3rd globally in terms of lowest percentage of the population at national poverty lines. This sector measures the conditions that must be in place for knowledge to be produced, developed, and employed to achieve sustainable development. Morocco further stood at 37th place among countries with a lower ecological footprint per capita in the health and environment pillar.

The Global Knowledge Index evaluates the knowledge performance of countries worldwide based on various developmental indicators, revealing a scientific and objective presentation of the knowledge and development landscape of each nation. This helps decision-makers to create and put in place various innovative development policies to achieve further development. The Index is a practical and scientific tool that identifies various challenges and innovative ways for the sustainable development of societies. The modified format used for the current edition of the Global Knowledge Index was chosen following a thorough review in 2017 with input from a large group of international consultants and experts from many fields of knowledge that are closely related to the Index’s various sectors. Based on the most recent data in the international databases, the current edition of the Index included 155 variables and 132 countries, among them are 11 Arab countries.


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