“The Microscope of the West” for the Middle East, and the title is Syria.






Ruba Youssef Chahine



Bulk movements accompanied the catastrophe of the earthquake that struck Syria. The cracks caused by the earthquake at the level of the earth’s crust were large, as well as in politics, as Syria is considered a vital center on the political level in relation to its position in West Asia between Lebanon and Palestine, which are the core of Western concerns, and are closely related. Direct with the Zionist entity.

The issue of humanitarian action towards Syria by Arab governments and countries is inseparable from implicit political movements, especially since the terrorist war on Syria has been and still is the most prominent file of the friends of Syria, Russia and Iran, who have not stopped trying to bring countries that have moved away from Syria closer together. In its terrorist war, especially the Arab one.

However, the great event and the humanitarian catastrophe accelerated the time in terms of the talks, and let us say that it opened the way to talk about the Syrian file in the wake of those talks, which took place at the level of Arab foreign ministers. In crises or natural disasters, for example, Egypt and the UAE constitute two important levers for the Arab and Islamic region in general, and here is Tunisia announcing the reopening of the Syrian embassy on its soil.

Syria continues to welcome, thank and support everyone at all levels and political fronts, declared and undeclared, and it is the one that is waging political and international conflicts from some countries of the colonial West until this moment. Even to the slightest extent, he realized that Syria was and still is defending its rights that were violated by the hand of the occupier. Between the Turkish and American occupiers there is an Israeli occupier, who continues his aggression on the Syrian lands that are forbidden to him internationally, and he does not care about the international laws of the world stipulated by the United Nations and the Security Council. And it still sends messages of hatred and destruction to delude its entity that it is the superpower in the region, and despite all that it wants to convey in its attacks that it targets the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in Syria, its hostile missiles expose its ongoing crimes, and cause the death of members of the Syrian Arab Army and civilians. , and cause material losses to the Syrian state, in full view of the world, even though the Syrian state is in a humanitarian catastrophe because of the great earthquake, and all of this in An attempt to show Syria that it is not safe.

But the truth is that most of what Israel fears is that Syria, which is considered the center of the axis of resistance, will rise again and stronger than before, and will continue to defend its land with its “Russian and Iranian” allies, because it is well aware that the axis of resistance in Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Iraq constitutes a blatant threat. For its intentions to achieve what is called “Greater Israel”, this scheme created by the global Zionist “Theodore Herzl”, since Britain announced the establishment of a national home for the Jews in occupied Palestine, and the United States of America completed the task, so the West was racing in the Middle East region, and shining the microscope on Syria, through a global terrorist war.

In conclusion, “what happened, is happening, and will happen in the Arab and Islamic region in general, appears clearly, and through the agreements that are taking place with countries that were involved with the West in the war on Syria, such as Saudi Arabia, and the “Saudi-Iranian agreement” mediated by China and the statements of Turkish officials about their desire to dialogue with Damascus through “Russian-Iranian” mediation, and although the door has been open since the Astana platform, that Syria was able to achieve victory not only in the military field, but even on the political level, Russia, Iran, Algeria, China and Venezuela are still the best witnesses that

Syria is under its leadership. Al-Hakim, she was able to end the division game that was drawn for her, and that time is enough to achieve the complete victory of Syria over all of its lands, through the “political dialogue” proposed by the United Nations to be the title of the post-military phase, whose origins were respected by the Syrian state since the first day of the political dialogue.


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