The rhetoric of the resistance and the precision missiles…Israel fears the attack.







Written by.. Ruba Youssef Shaheen



It was evident from the speech of the master of the resistance, the great confidence, and complete certainty, in clarifying the real reasons for the usurping entity’s reluctance to target Lebanon in general and the south in particular, seriously since the July 2006 war, due to the resistance’s accurate missiles, which constitute a state of deterrence for the occupation. And a strategic necessity that we must stop at, and study the repercussions of overcoming it, so how after the speech of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, which established a new equation based on “you bombed open areas and we, in turn, bombed open areas.”

In this context, there are questions that are governed by many challenges, related to the nature of the regional climate in general, and the conditions of the region in particular. These are questions that stem from two parts, the first, when will the Israeli attack on southern Lebanon be resumed again, and the second, is it true that Iran is a priority for the entity now?

The previous questions are raised as a result of the confusion and divisions reported by the Hebrew newspapers, in their follow-up and analysis of the speech of the master of the resistance, Hassan Nasrallah; The Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth reported that “Israel will not be drawn into a war with Hezbollah and will be satisfied with a localized bombing inside Lebanese territory.” He was very weak and hesitant.”

As for the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, it focused on showing the weakness of Hezbollah’s audience and its fading without any reference to its news, followed by statements by the spokesman of the Israeli army, Avichai Adraee, that Hezbollah members wear civilian clothes to violate international resolutions, adding that whoever launched the rockets near the Druze village to implicate it, as if His mouthpiece says: Jumblatt and Lahad’s army are with us and that exploiting divisions in these circumstances will serve the Zionist entity.

And the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted sources in Tel Aviv as saying that “decision makers in the entity prefer to focus on the hostile operations carried out by Iran in the Persian Gulf.” Last week, we are awaiting a hearing at the UN Security Council on Monday in the hope that it will lead to the condemnation of Iran.. We are most focused on Iran.”

He was the Israeli foreign minister Naftali Bennett has said according to RT “In Lebanon, there is an important awakening among the citizens against Hezbollah and Iranian interference in the country,” adding that “Iran and Hezbollah are complicating the dangerous economic and political situation there.

Analyzes and responses reflect the great state of panic that afflicted the Zionist entity, from military officials to politicians, about the effects that the discourse of resistance to His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah carries every time on Israeli society as a whole, and the military category of them in particular.

Despite the catastrophic economic and political conditions that Lebanon is going through, the resistance stands like an eagle watching its prey on the side inhabited by the Zionist entity. It was caused by the explosion of the port of Beirut, and the subsequent repercussions on this small country, but the axis of resistance will remain in it the valve of security and safety, through which the political, military and economic balance will be restored, because it alone can raise the existential value of Lebanon, in a regional and international arena filled with creative chaos that the forces wanted Western evil, since the trampling of the usurper occupier the occupied land of Palestine.

As usual, every speech by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in which he lays down new rules and equations, requires the entity to take a long time, in order to decode the new equations, imposed by the resistance on this entity, and therefore, the recent events that occurred in southern Lebanon, are nothing but Part of the inevitable response equation, framed by strategic determinants, it will be difficult for the Israeli entity to overcome or think of breaking it, as this carries an existential threat to the entity.


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