Russia and the engineering of the political solution course in Syria … facts and data.







Ruba Youssef Shaheen



The Gulf tour by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov laid down what can be called a general framework for a political solution in Syria, as the agreement reached through the countries concerned in the war on Syria, whose roles vary between the cause of the terrorist war on it, and the defender of the Syrian state We find that the absence of the Iranian role as a key ally in the defense of Syria since 2015 gives us many indications related to the new trends towards the foundations of the solution in Syria, and within that, the Islamic Republic of Iran is concerned with the proposals that were presented, but it is absent from the meeting, because Saudi Arabia is a main party. In the meeting after the Gulf reconciliation imposed by Washington via Kushner. This brings us to the following:

* Excluding Iran from the Syrian political arena according to the perspective of those who do not accept its survival, the first of which is the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

* An attempt to put Iran on neutrality to marginalize its role in the latest political solution, so that they can play the role of the doctor who ended the deadly surgery on their platforms.

* Imposing conditions with the presence of the Turkish occupier and the absence of the American occupier, so that the solution for the Kurdish file will be in accordance with the Turkish conditions.

Consequently, the political solution that satisfies all parties may not satisfy Damascus, because the perpetrators of the terrorist war on Syria have not announced the complete withdrawal of both the Americans and the Turkish from the Syrian lands in the north and northeast, and from here, although the political solution was present in the Russian round, but it will be according to The United Nations umbrella, however, the years of the terrorist war on Syria showed us that some countries that caused the terrorist war on Syria were the ones who hindered the solution since the great victory of the Syrian Arab Army in Damascus and Aleppo.

According to the above, and despite the absence of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the scene, the alliance that led to the Astana platform and the Sochi agreement, which achieved during the stages of the terrorist war on Syria a number of developments, especially with regard to the Turkish side on the M5 road. And M 4 And the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the observation posts, so that their whereabouts are limited to the areas close to Idlib, and therefore the Russian ally is working, in my opinion, according to a special political methodology in order to be able to achieve political gains that would complement what was done through the Astana platform despite the absence of the Iranian role in a meeting that the Russian Federation could endure according to the decision. 2254, and it is certain that the tripartite alliance of Syria, Russia and Iran is still in solidity, which does not affect the absence of Iran from meetings related to the Syrian state, the main meaning of the meeting, which in turn confirms that Russia is working hard to achieve progress in the political path in which all the active forces in the terrorist war are demanding On Syria.

The complication of the files in the north and northeast of Syria, with the American and Turkish intransigence in stopping the violations that happen against the civilians present there, necessitated the need to move forward with the anti-Syrian parties to end the terrorist war against it, in accordance with decisions that guarantee full sovereignty over all of the Syrian soil.

The Syrian state had and still considered that the political solution is the most effective one, but that does not mean at all to acquiesce to conditions that may not confirm the complete withdrawal of all hostile forces from America to Turkey and their terrorist tools, as Resolution 2254 stipulates respect for Syrian sovereignty over all of its territories. Accordingly, Damascus remains the owner of the final say in most of the moves that stem from the determinants of the search for a political solution, but on the other hand, all the solutions and the scenarios they will contain, all will be judged by the timing of Damascus.


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