Algeria handed over weapons to the Polisario Front .






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Verona ( It ) [ Italia Telegraph] The Spanish newspaper ” La Razon ” , quoting sources it described as well-informed , reported that Algeria handed over various military equipment to the Polisario Front . According to the photos obtained , among the military equipment , there are special vehicles for all types of terrain , which help fight the war battles in the desert , La Razon newspaper reported .

The newspaper said that this would be one of Algeria’s first reactions to the killing of three of its citizens , truck drivers , in the border area between Ouargla and Nouakchott , Mauritania , in what the Algerian presidency accused and said it was a military action by Moroccan’s army , Without preliminary perceptions or overwhelming evidence of Morocco’s involvement.

La razon said , ” It is striking how Algeria quickly accused Rabat of attacking its citizens, who were traveling on two trucks from Mauritania to their country and who for unknown reasons were in an area prohibited to civilians and military personnel , Without preliminary perceptions or overwhelming evidence of Morocco’s involvement . Despite the absence of the reasons that would make the Moroccan army carry out this attack . The area where the accident occurred is considered as a buffer zone and forbidden . the zone is located near the wall built by Morocco to protect its south-eastern border.

The news paper continued : With regard to Algeria’s handing over of weapons to the Polisario Front , it comes at a time when the leaders of the Polisario ( gang ) have announced a renewed war against the Kingdom of Morocco , by appointing Mohamed Ouli Akik as the new head of the Polisario Front , who enjoys the full confidence of Brahim Ghali , head of the Algerian-backed front to wage a proxy war, in order to divide the Kingdom of Morocco and destabilize the security of the region by creating a dangerous terrorist hotbed .

After the news that the Polisario had received the Algerian military equipment , the Front launched treacherous military attacks against the Moroccan army . The attack was one of several attacks by Sahrawi rebels against the kingdom. It comes a few days after Algeria accused Morocco of killing three Algerian citizens, without relying on concrete material evidence or a field study of the incident . It can be said that the targeting of the Moroccan army and the national sanctities, through Algeria’s funding of the rebel Polisario militias, is conclusive and certain proof that Algerian generals will not rest until the Kingdom of Morocco is torn apart.

In recent months, Algeria has initiated suspicious provocations towards Morocco. Diplomatic relations with the kingdom were unilaterally broken down when Morocco was accused of being the cause of the fires in Algeria and of financing terrorist movements seeking to create problems in the country of generals. The story of dispensing with the gas pipeline that passes through Morocco towards Spain is a clear indication of the hatred that inhabits the eastern neighbor. Hatred reflected in the mirror of the military and logistical financing of the terrorist militias of The Polisario, in order to wage war by proxy, to discount his treacherous capital and laugh at the chins.



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