Sofia Saidi … MBC Trending talk show success confirms successful media conversion








It is a turn that Sofia Saidi has negotiated brilliantly. Her television career got off to a flying start and her popular MBC show Trending is getting a lot of buzz.

It is that this successful talk show reveals another hidden talent of the young girl, who is keen to shine the spotlight on Moroccan names. After Zouhair Bahaoui and Manal Benchlikha, she has surprises in store for the next school year.
If her beauty has opened the doors to fame and success very wide, Sofia Saidi has other hidden abilities, no less important than her physique.
Not that she wants to rebel against her features of beautiful brunette which allowed her to twice win the very flattering title of Miss Arab World, but she also wants to show that her head is as well made as her plastic.

The “be beautiful and shut up”, Sofia does not know, and her training testifies to it. Holder of a “Bachelor in International Management”, a Master’s degree in strategic technological and organizational development and a second Master’s degree in strategic management and entrepreneurship, she is slowly but surely forging her merry way in the world of the media, where she dreams of shining and leaving an imprint.His ambitions: To be an emblematic figure in the media world, to be able to first show the extent of his talents, but also and above all to raise the name, symbols and values of his country, Morocco.

To achieve this, the 26-year-old works tirelessly, and the fruits of this hard work are beginning to be felt. Indeed, Sofia Essaidi is today a very popular host of the show “Trending” on the Arab channel MBC, a selection that cost her effort and perseverance.
“At the beginning, I was contacted to do a casting. I worked hard to integrate this program and it took me almost a year before being taken on the TV set Trending”, she confides.

Her beginnings are strong: She receives celebrities, always sets the bar higher, and always looks further.
Plans ? She has her head full of it, between TV show, a very important media project relating to social media, but also a career in cinema, the double Miss Arab world has plenty to do.

For the glamorous side, Sofia was this year guest of honor on the Red Carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 which celebrated its 3/4 century. Very followed and very photographed, she had above all the concern to represent her country, Morocco, always present in her projects.

For her, “it is a real pleasure to represent Morocco at such a grandiose event in the world of international cinema”.Today a top model and a confirmed host, she wants to devote a little more time to her career as a journalist and TV presenter, with several projects already underway, which have led her, among other places, to Monaco where she is currently. Many others will surely follow because for Sofia Saidi, “nothing is easy in life, but nothing is impossible either!


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