The hidden ( Sufi) saints:





They walk among us, but they are not like us… They live around us, but they live in a world other than ours…
They speak fluently and you think they are speaking to you, but they are like a bride, they only speak to their beloved…
You think you see them and you don’t see them. Like a ghost, they disappear from the eyes of those who are veiled, and appear only to those who are prepared.
Their eyes are like any other, but there is a hidden secret in their look.
They do not reveal themselves in secret, but only those who are like them know them.
Their silence is words and their presence is peace. No doubt, their light is transparent..
And when they smile at you to relieve your little pain, that is to hide from you the pain of existence they carry in their hearts, as if they were swords piercing their chests…
Their presence is healing, and their absence is misery.Their attendance is purification.
Fighting them is a scourge.
Their denial is hostility. Not honoring them is deprivation.
With them, the earth benefits from divine mercy, man rises ( spiritually), rain falls, and livelihood granted.
They are the hidden people of God, the ( sufi) saints, the pure brides of the ( Divine) Presence. No one knows them except the righteous, and no one opposes them except the sinful…You know them by their eyes and their light.
If you know them, respect your commitment. They are the solid secret of God…
They are marvelous.
Their ( emotional) states are strange. We cannot understand them.
Knock on their door in your heart, perhaps the door will open… Whoever supports them will be victorious, and whoever opposes them will be defeated…
May God sanctify their secrets wherever they are… People are dead and people of love (sufi saints) are alive.

facebook:Mourid Darwich

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